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Halarious productions was created to fuel the funny behind the Hal-train. Anything that goes behind the scenes for what you end up seeing is brought to you by Halarious. This is kind of like an ad, because this was brought to you by Pfi— I mean, Halarious Productions. We are not affiliated whatsoever with anybody else. Other than the companies we want to be affiliated with. But we would tell you about them. With our advertising. Brought to you by HP… V. Kidding!

Khalil Sadi

Hal Sadi is a wonderfully optimistic fella. He likes to see the good in food, because food is really, really great. In fact, food is almost his favorite thing just behind comedy. If you wanted to know more about him, you came to the wrong place, because this is a website dedicated to… Okay, you came to the right place! I was just trying to goof around. I’m a silly little goose sometimes.

Hal began doing comedy in Los Angeles CA after he moved from his home country of Costa Rica. He always wanted to do comedy, so he went on a big mission (or big mish, as some might say) to pursue it. Now, he’s living the dream doing it all the time.

Hal was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica to a lovely set of parents. His parents, and his three other siblings helped him be a real boy. He’s the baby of the house and some might say he was also the favorite (and by some, it’s one person, and by one person, it’s Khalu). That’s what they called me growing up. That’s what my people in Costa Rica call me. I own them.

Anyway, this has been very unproductive and you probably haven’t learned anything about me. But I now live in Austin Texas with my lovely whyfe and my two doggies.

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The Coolest of Cool with Justin Edwards - Episode 360
June 07, 202401:29:13122.55 MB

The Coolest of Cool with Justin Edwards - Episode 360

Khalu talks to comedian Justin Edwards about moving around a lot as a kid, loving Texas, appreciating Music, being a goofy guy, loving comedy and much more!

The Change From Within - Episode 359
June 05, 202400:16:0021.99 MB

The Change From Within - Episode 359

Khalu talks about changing from within (like going Super Saiyan, the photo is only a nod to DBZ), changing your environment, Pat McAffee, Miley Cirus, and Uncle Joey from Full House.

Freestyling in Life with Don Armon - Episode 358
May 30, 202401:53:07155.36 MB

Freestyling in Life with Don Armon - Episode 358

Khalu talks to comedian Don Armon about growing up a military brat, changing career paths, learning to follow his creativity, Freestyling, facing struggles and more!

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